Paintings of Martha's Vineyard and Coastal New England by William Ross Searle


William Ross Searle has been exhibiting his work for over five decades in dozens of galleries and other venues in the New England area, including: R.I.School of Design Museum, Providence Art Club, Fitchburg Art Museum, Greater Hartford Civic and Arts Festival, China Trade Museum, Attleboro Museum, West Point (USMA) Museum, King Center, The Copley Society, Cahoon Museum of American Art, Cape Cod Museum of Art, The Sports Museum, BAAK Gallery, Eastern Bank, and numerous others. His paintings are available through this web site and the artist's studio on Cape Cod. A few reviews of his exhibitions follow:

  • "Searle's...paintings capture the Cape and the islands in all its spendor, from the pulsating, glowing sunsets in summer to winter's desolation to the rebirth of spring. His dazzling use of color, light, and shadows evoke a sense of contemplation and tranquility...he is one of the area's most recognizable and esteemed artists specializing in Cape Cod landscapes...." Cape Cod Life Magazine, Art of the Cape & Islands Annual, 2010.
  • "Searle has often been described as 'Cape Cod's poet laureate in paint' and 'the Cape's own Andrew Wyeth'... 'this magnificent gift [of paintings] propels the Cahoon Museum into the foremost repository of the artist's work for which the museum is profoundly grateful...'" Spyglass, Spring Issue, 2009.
  • "...Bill’s colors shimmer, his hues are that of the cycles of nature and time…the barrenness of winter to the vibrancy that spring and summer infuse…one can actually feel the parched grass or warm sun bathing a porch or beach, and sense the soft breeze or gathering storm ahead…there is a soulfulness…which might pass for a feeling of loneliness and considered isolation, were it not also for the feeling of peace and connection with nature...." Inside Cape Cod Magazine, Indian Summer, 2006.
  • "...A realistic painter, Searle is known for capturing the magic of Cape Cod and the Islands..." Cape Cod Review Magazine, Spring/Summer, 2004.
  • "...You can sense a light wind blowing through the brittle leaves of a tree and the overgrown grass, and feel the loneliness that seeps into the Cape after summer crowds have departed... Searle knows its landscape well..." Where Magazine, Spring/Summer, 2002.
  • "...Wyeth-like in their extraordinary realism, Searle's paintings most often glow with the half-light of late afternoon, when the sun lies golden on placid bays and estuaries..." The Patriot Ledger, Feb. 21, 1998.
  • "...A large body of work that quietly celebrates nature and man's relationship to it... Serene paintings of nature and human activity have always been the vehicle that accurately expresses the spirituality and humanity that Searle values..." The Boston Globe, January 9, 1994.
  • "...William Ross Searle, who is a realist painter able to imbue his art with rare poetry..." Martha's Vineyard Times, July 2, 1987.
  • "...His watercolors are familiar to the Island and are marked by an absolute integrity to the elements that make the Vineyard special. It is a clearness of sky, a goldness of sand, a subtlety of greens and browns in the wetlands and the cool clarity of Island waters... "Inland Marsh" exemplifies the kind of clear still water one comes upon on the Vineyard and looking at it is akin to drinking it. One feels dipped, refreshed by the experience of looking at this stream that does not run through the marsh but slips through it like a distant stranger... it is like seeing new revelations about old friends to see this show..." The Grapevine, July 16, 1980.
  • "...Searle's easy familiarity with Island scenes and confidence in his strongly-developed style are evidenced in the maturity of his work. Most striking is the clarity of light and shadow in the landscapes... in these paintings, the sky is not a direct source of light. Caught instead is the light constantly bounced back by the sea around us..." Vineyard Gazette, July 11, 1978.
  • "...Searle's Vineyard is a quiet contemplative place where old beached boats nestle among strands of beach grass and vacant eyes of windows stare out at wind-stirred ponds, the... paintings are calm and studied. He captures the feeling of Island summer homes beautifully in the season when there are no people in them... empty elegant shells on lonely ponds and shore..." The Grapevine, July 12, 1978.
Alley's Store
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Alley's Store

Acrylic on canvas, 24" x 42"
Private Collection

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